ULAB Logo Style Guide

ULAB Logo Style Guide

A consistent identity helps build and maintain reputation. Logos which are used regularly throughout an institution can carry the identity and reinforce its reputation.

To accomplish this, the ULAB authorities have created a new visual identity style guide that will bridge our campuses, departments, and administrative offices with the ULAB seal and the name “ULAB University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh” – an asset that we all proudly share.

Every member of ULAB has an important role in upholding this new identity by using it in university communications, including print and electronic formats.

Click here to download the ULAB Style Guide (MS PowerPoint).

The ULAB Logo Signature

The ULAB logo/signature represents the university in all its activities. It is the foundation of our identity and is used on a wide variety of media and marketing materials.

Logo of the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

The logo/signature consists of two elements:

1. the ULAB seal
2. the logotype

Click here for a large-version GIF of the ULAB Logo.

If you need an Encapsulated PostScript/Vector format, please email the Communications Office at [email protected].


The ULAB Seal

The ULAB seal is a U-shaped crest consisting of many meaningful elements:

 – the U-shape  – a crest, “U” for University, a modern design
 – the full name of the university
in English and Bangla
 – the name of the university, the Bangla-language
heritage of Bangladesh
 – a white fountain pen  – knowledge passed down through the ages
 – a golden disk  – sun, light of knowledge, central disk in the
Bangladeshi flag
 – blue field  – limitless sky
 – blue star  – north star, guiding star


The ULAB Typography/Font

When used as a logotype, the name of the university and its acronym (“UNIVERSITY OF LIBERAL ARTS BANGLADESH” and “ULAB”) must always be written in upper-case letters.

When used as a logotype, the name of he university must be in CastleT Font, with no exceptions. The font must be in regular weight (bold, italics, light, condensed, etc are not permitted).

The Universityof Liberal Arts Bangladesh and its curricula are accredited by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh, and approved by the Ministry of Education, Government of People's Republic of Bangladesh.